The Artist

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Who is Chip?

Richard M Thomas II, known fondly as Chip to his friends, embodies the spirit of the Colorado landscape in both his daily life and his artistic pursuits. As a devoted college administrator during the week, Chip's weekends are a testament to his unwavering love affair with nature photography—a passion that has woven its way through every corner of his life.Born in a quaint town nestled on the eastern plains of Colorado, Chip's childhood was colored by the ever-changing scenery of the Denver area. From the towering peaks of Northern Colorado to the serene vistas of the western slope, Chip's nomadic existence within the state has granted him a deep and intimate understanding of its diverse landscapes.It was with his first "Brownie" camera that Chip's love for photography ignited—a flame that has burned brightly through the transition from film to digital. While life has taken him to different corners of the country, the call of Colorado's mountains has always been a magnetic pull back home.The marriage of cutting-edge digital camera systems, editing tools, and the rugged beauty of the Colorado Rockies has transformed Chip's hobby into an all-consuming passion—an experience he hopes to share with each viewer. His work captures not just images, but moments of magic and majesty, inviting others to join him in the awe-inspiring dance of light and shadow that defines the Colorado landscape.
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Why do I do this?

Colorful Colorado Photography is more than a collection of images; it is a manifestation of my soul's quest to find meaning and beauty in the world around us. Growing up surrounded by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, I discovered that every rock, every tree, every whisper of wind held a story waiting to be told. Through my lens, I preserve these stories and capture the fleeting moments of awe and wonder that remind us of our place in the vast tapestry of nature. where I live. 

Thoughts behind the lens:

In the heart of every photograph lies a piece of my own story—a reflection of the moments that have shaped me and the landscapes that have whispered secrets into my soul. From the exhilaration of summiting a mountain peak at sunrise to the quiet contemplation of a shimmering lake at dusk, each image is a chapter in my ongoing love affair with the wilderness. Through light and shadow, color and texture, I invite you to journey with me—to see the world through my eyes, to feel the pulse of nature, and to rediscover the magic that surrounds us.
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Awards and Recognition:

Colorado National Monument Association 2024: Selected my photo of Independence Monument to be included in their 2025 Calendar as the photo for the month of September

Denver International Airport 2021: Selected Crystal Mill for display on the A Concourse Bridge in a celebration of Colorado architecture.

Digital Photo Magazine Your Best Shot Photo Contest 2022: Secured Third Place with the enchanting "Cloudy Bells."Gallery 1516 – 2022: Proudly featured with the selection "Magical River," capturing the essence of Colorado's flowing waters.International Photography Awards 2021:Earned Honorable Mention for the captivating "Magical River."International Photography Awards 2022:Honorable Mention for the picturesque "Sunset in Western Colorado."Official Selections for the breathtaking "Mt. Garfield at Sunset" and the mesmerizing "Shrouded in Clouds."International Photography Awards 2023:Official Selections for the atmospheric "Shrouded in Clouds" and the majestic "The Big Horn Watch."Master Photographers International 2021:Secured a Silver Award for the enchanting "Magical River."Bronze Awards for the striking "Mt Garfield" and the serene "Hanging Lake."Master Photographers International 2022:Bronze Awards for the captivating "Queen City of the Plains" and the dynamic "Slip Sliding the Bells Away."Bronze Awards for the serene "Hanging Lake Falls" and the iconic "The Columbine of Colorado."Silver Awards for the mesmerizing "Western Colorado Sunset" and the playful "Peek A Boo Bells."

Photography Academy Prime Community 2024:

April Competition: Silver Award for my Pot of Gold Rainbow

March Competition: Silver Award for my photo of Maroon Creek

Through Chip's lens, viewers are transported to a world where time stands still, and the beauty of Colorado's wilderness shines in all its untamed glory. His artistry speaks of a lifelong love affair with the land, inviting you to lose yourself in the symphony of colors and textures that define the heart and soul of "Colorful Colorado."

Guided By Masters: A Tribute to My Photography Mentors


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